Scentshi Collection Vol. 2

Choose your favorite Sailor Moon-inspired scent with our Sailor Scentshi Collection. Unleashing the power of the solar system, each 100% soy candle features wooden wicks and candle-safe micas and ecoglitters!

Chibi Moon
- Chibi Moon is Childish Charm, a sweet mix of cotton candy and baby powder, this scent brings back memories of the gummi bear and cotton candy themed body sprays you got for your twelfth birthday. -
- Tuxedo is the mysterious scent of roses and musk lingering in the moonlight after a dreamy encounter. Save the day by doing nothing, like the greatest masked heroes before you. -
- Luna is Moonlight Sakura. A serendipitous mix of violets, Japanese cherry blossom, delicate jasmine, and lavender lead the way to inner strength; and a killer transformation sequence. -
- Artemis is Cashmere Musk, a mature and welcoming blend of cashmere and sandalwood swirling atop notes of musk and a not so little bit of magic (read: gold mica). -
- Beryl is Black Crystal, a drunken mix of blackberry merlot, black figs, and evil dark crystals. Dipped in honey and malice for a scent that’s wicked good. -