Scentai Collection

Be a hero of smell!

Choose your favorite Power Ranger-inspired scent with our Super Scentai Collection. A team-up of the most popular fragrances, from fresh baked goodies to floral fantasies, each 100% soy candle features wooden wicks and candle-safe crystal mica for a crackling candle that sparkles with olfactory might!

- Scentai Red is a spicy mix of cloves and cinnamon with juicy fresh apples, sure to convince your friends you did, in fact, learn to bake in quarantine -

- Scentai Blue is a buttered blueberry muffin, bursting with the sweet tang of blueberries mixed with maple butter for a decant breakfast aroma -

- Scentai Green is what masc cologne wishes it could be. Leather, cedar, and pine swirl with the musky aroma of James Dean in a library -

- Scentai Yellow is a tall drink of sweet strawberries cut with the sharp citrus of lemonade. This bright, summery scent is matured with an infusion of herbal rosemary -

- Scentai Pink is a light and floral mix of peonies, sweet pea, and bergamot, unabashedly feminine without smelling like your great aunt's perfume -