Cuppa Collection

- Cream or sugar? How about neither?

The Cuppa Collection is something a little different. Each candle is hand-poured into a vintage upcycled teacup. This means every candle is truly a one-of-a-kind piece perfect for display. With scents ranging from green tea and honey to caramel macchiato, we must stress that you do not drink from the forbidden cup, no matter how delicious it might smell. -

- Candle Tips - All vessels are thrifted teacups, and as such, have not been individually burn-tested. While most of our teacup candles can be burned completely without issue, this is an inherently risky proposition and should always be done with the candle on a heat proof surface while carefully monitored for signs of cracks/excessive heat. These candles are poured with a high cold throw and can be used as decoration or safely set on a warming plate to heat and scent the room. These are the methods we recommend to best enjoy these one-of-a-kind pieces. -