Scentshi Collection Vol. 1

Choose your favorite Sailor Moon-inspired scent with our Sailor Scentshi Collection. Unleashing the power of the solar system, each 100% soy candle features wooden wicks and candle-safe rose gold mica for a crackling candle that sparkles with the power of makeup!

- Scentshi Moon is Cucumber Watermelon, a 90's explosion -

- Scentshi Mercury is Bubble Bouquet, a salty blast of sea water mingling with sweet honeysuckle and ocean breeze -

- Scentshi Mars is Red Currant Praline, an intoxicating mix of currants, almond, and amber -

- Scentshi Jupiter is Stormy Forest, the essence of a thunderstorm bottled with gardenia and roses mingle in an enchanted forest -

- Scentshi Venus is Pumpkin Spice Latte, if this candle wore shoes, they would be Uggs, as Turkish coffee mixes with cinnamon, cloves, and other pumpkin spices -